The First Full Length Trailer For The Breaking Bad Movie ‘El Camino’ Is Finally Here

Jesse Pinkman is not having a good time.

We’ve been drip fed content about the Breaking Bad movie El Camino from the moment it was announced a few weeks ago and now it’s finally time to watch what we’ve all been waiting for: the first actual full length trailer for it.

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As you might have guessed, Jesse Pinkman doesn’t look like he’s a in a good way after busting out of the compound at the end of the series and well, you might as well just dive right in and take a look for yourself:

Yeah that didn’t really give us any more info on what actually was going to happen in the movie, other than it looks like Jesse Pinkman has picked up exactly where he left off in Breaking Bad in a world of shit. Looks like he’s digging up graves – probably Hank and Agent Gomez’s right, or maybe there was some money left in the desert somewhere? – and then busting into some kind of drug factory and then just raiding someone’s house in the ABQ ghetto as well. Looks hectic.

The trailer also shows that the movie looks like it’s gonna be a lot more cinematic than the preceding TV show. I don’t know much about film grades but it looks like it’s shot on something to make it a bit more grittier and also there’s load of sweet wide angle shots that look completely dope as well. Have a feeling that this is gonna be a good one.

For more Breaking Bad, check out the last two trailers for El Camino as well and get even more hyped. Only two and a half weeks to go.


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