Here’s The First Footage From Rick And Morty Season Four

Rick And Morty

Such a tease.

Everyone loves Rick and Morty and so everyone is waiting patiently for season four – the only problem is that we have absolutely no idea when it’s scheduled to be released.

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We know that 70 new episodes of the show have been ordered and are already in production but neither Netflix or Adult Swim have given us any indication of when they may be available for us to watch. The official Twitter account has decided tot roll us with the following 15 second clip, that you would normally assume was a teaser for the fourth season but in actual fact could be literally anything as there’s no release date and no explanation of what it means.

Take a look for yourself and see if you can figure it out:

So what have we got there? The two titular characters appearing as amoebas, underwater creatures,,Godzilla and Mothra and then a final shot of the Evil Morty with his scary ass eyepatch. So in other words, we haven’t really got anything except a little tease to keep us on our feet and to speculate about when the new season will be arriving. Cheers for that guys – really useful.

For more of the same, check out their weird April Fool’s Day mini episode from last year. That was strange.


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