The First Footage Of The Guy Destroying Trump’s Hollywood Star With A Pickaxe Has Been Released

Trump Destroyed

Kinda disturbing.

One of the most viral images of the past 24 hours has been Donald Trump’s Hollywood sign lying desecrated and broken after Austin Clay smashed it up with a pickaxe.

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There’s no denying it was a great sight, but of course we wanted more than that and wanted to see the actual video of this guy breaking up Trump’s star and ripping it a new one. And guess who were the first people to get a hold of the footage?

Yeah that’s right, it was obviously TMZ and to be honest the footage is kind of disturbing more than anything else. I mean in a way that this guy is just smashing up the street with a pickaxe in the middle of the night for what seems like a really long time and nobody seems to be batting an eyelid. It kinda gives off the impression that he might be mentally ill or something, you know?

Yeah that’s kinda creepy and haunting right? I suppose nobody tried to stop him because he was wielding a pickaxe – or maybe because they agreed with what he was doing – but either way it’s still a really weird and disturbing scene.

Not sure what to make of Clay’s protest to be honest. He turned himself in after he had finished it and apparently his bail has been posted, but nobody’s heard from him since. Hope he’s OK.

For more on this, check out this story about the bail money. Really unbelievable.


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