The First Critic Reactions To ‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ All Say That It’s Awesome


I’m not gonna lie, but I wasn’t particularly excited about ‘Godzilla VS Kong’ when I saw the trailer, but it did strike me as being the kind of movie that would be really stupid and really dumb and possibly a bit of fun too and the first critic reviews seem to confirm this as well.

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Take a look at them below:

Damn. I guess that means that I’ve gotta find a way to fit this and The Snyder Cut in over the next couple of weeks because everyone is saying how awesome they both are? FML I don’t believe it. Hope I don’t have to watch the old Godzilla and Kong movies in order to understand it. That would be even more of an inconvenience.

For more of the same, check out this trailer for a different movie about a giant spider that lives in the ocean. That also looks really good.


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