The First British Man Tested For The Coronavirus Has Opened Up About His Experience

There’s been a whole lot of panic about the coronavirus in the last week or so and now the first British man to be tested for it has decided to come forward and speak about his experience.

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27 year old Craig Dillon explains that he had flown from Australia via China and Bangkok and had to be placed into quarantine as they tested him for the deadly virus. Here’s what he told The Telegraph:

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Everyone was wearing masks except me but I couldn’t buy one at the airport because they’d all sold out.

I thought I might have flu because I had a bad cough and was feeling weak and tired but I put it down to jetlag.

I had twice been evacuated by the bush fires while I was staying with my family in New South Wales so I wondered if the smoke inhalation had affected my lungs.

I dosed myself up on the flight home from Australia and when I landed back at Heathrow on Monday there were no checks.

I woke up in the night sweating and feeling seriously ill though, so I decided to go to the hospital.

When I arrived I was so weak I had to lean against the wall.

This doctor asked if I was okay and when I replied: “I’m feeling really ill, I just came back from China,” he literally grabbed me by the arm and led me back outside the hospital.

A nurse came out and gave me a mask and then I was shown to this secret door around the back.

I was told to walk down the corridor and arrived in this hospital room with a bed in the middle with all this equipment around it – completely prepped and ready to go.

It had a big one-way glass window with an intercom in it so you could talk through the glass.

I was feeling so bad I was curled up on the bed and all I could hear was this vacuum cleaner noise.

When they wrote notes they would hold them up against the glass so the people outside could read them.

I waited three hours for my results, but was fortunately diagnosed with pneumonia instead of the coronavirus.
Phew. I mean, it’s never good to be diagnosed with pneumonia, but it’s definitely better than the coronavirus given the current climate I think. Sounds like a tough time for him – hopefully he can recover quickly. No confirmed cases of the coronavirus in this country yet either, which is also a bonus.


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