Fire Crew Called To Remove Spanner Stuck On Man’s Genitals

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People like doing all kinds of weird stuff with their dicks in the pursuit of sexual pleasure, but you’ve got to remember to be careful otherwise you could end up severely embarrassed like the guy in this story.

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The unnamed man headed into the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport yesterday in the early hours of the morning to reveal that he somehow managed to get a spanner stuck to his genitals. The hospital staff were unable to help him and were forced to call firefighters from Malpas and Maindee down to help him remove it.

The firefighters tweeted about the incident, but for some reason decided to delete it. Someone had obviously screenshotted it though so here you go:


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Not really sure what’s so bad about that – ‘tightening nuts’ is a good joke, surely? Maybe someone at SW Fire & Rescue didn’t like it.

Anyway, the firefighters managed to remove the spanner using some cutting equipment. Phew. It really makes you wonder how it even happened though, because surely his balls can’t be the exact same size of a spanner that it actually became wedged onto them? Really weird  kinda almost wish there were some pics to be honest.

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