Here’s How To Find Out Who’s Been Stalking You On Facebook

Who is your secret stalker?

I’m sure we’re all guilty of a Facebook stalk every now and then, whether it’s an ex, an old school friend or the hot person who you used to work with.

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Whether you are the stalker or the stalked, you can now find out who has been checking up on you thanks to a new feature that was recently added to Facebook.

Similar to the feature on Snapchat, the new ‘Stories’ option allows you to see who has viewed your stories, and more specifically, which parts of it they’ve been looking at.


So it is pretty much adopiting the same functionality as LinkedIn by revealing to the user who has been perusing their profile. This is despite the fact that Facebook have always said that they have no intentions of revealing this information.

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The feature itself is similar to Instagram Stories, in that users can upload short video collections which can be viewed twice before disappearing after 24 hours. Once you start using this feature, you can then see who is hitting up your stories and make an educated guess as to just which ghosts from your past are still lurking in the background. Brilliant.

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