Comedian Fin Taylor Slammed For Joking About ‘Bombing Corbyn Fans At Glastonbury’ On Have I Got News For You

Did Fin Taylor just end his own career on Have I Got News For You?

Comedian Fin Taylor is in hot water after joking that Glastonbury should be ‘bombed’ to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

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The 30-year-old comic cracked the joke on Friday’s episode of Have I Got News For You after the topic of Jeremy Corbyn re-joining the Labour party came up.

As you might expect, it went down like a lead balloon:

Naturally, a whole bunch of people are freaking out about this on Twitter and calling for Fin Taylor to be cancelled, which he fully expected judging from his response to Ian Hislop’s statement that he just ended his own career. I mean there’s no way a comedian can crack a joke like that in 2020 and not expect this sort of backlash, even if it’s someone no one’s ever heard of like Fin Taylor. Well I guess we’ve all heard of him now, so maybe that was the point?

Is the joke itself worthy of cancellation though? I don’t think it was a particularly funny joke, but to ruin the guy’s career over it? Come on. I don’t think he literally wants to see a Glastonbury massacre (at least I hope not). Sometimes jokes are funny precisely because we know what was said is “wrong” and we’re not supposed to laugh at it. Seems to be what Fin Taylor was going for there except it kinda backfired a little bit. He better hope nothing dramatic happens at Glastonbury next year though. That’d be awkward.

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