Absolute Filthbag Gets Busted On CCTV Using Customer’s Hotdog As A Tampon (VIDEO)

Woman waitress hot dog

Beyond disgusting.

I’m sure we’ve all been to restaurants where the standard of hygiene has been less than desirable.

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There’s always the fear that you might find a hair or a fingernail floating about in your burger and chips. If this has been a worry for you in the past then the video below is probably going to put you off dining out for life.

There’s not a lot of background information on it, but the key info is all there for your viewing pleasure. It involves a waitress inserting a customer’s hot dog in her vagina, before taking it out, placing it back in the bun and walking out to serve the updated dish. Warning: this is kind of NSFW so make sure there’s no one watching over your shoulder:

Grimy right? I wish I knew why this woman even wanted to cover that hot dog in her vagina juice. Did she have some sort of vendetta against the customer? Were they rude and if so, why didn’t she just spit in the food like any other normal human being? Either way, it’s unacceptable and I think that’s the last time I ever order a hot dog again.

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