Filipinos Are Naming Their Newborns ‘Covid Bryant’ And ‘Covid Rose’ After The Coronavirus

Wait, what?

The Philippines is an awesome place and Filipinos are awesome people, but they do have this weird habit of giving their children celebrity names like ‘Elton John’ or ‘Drew Barrymore’. Do you know what Manny Pacquiao named his first-born daughter? ‘Queen Elizabeth’.

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Well according to ABS-CBN, the latest filipino baby trend is to name your child after coronavirus, which has already resulted in children being named ‘Covid Bryant’ and ‘Covid Rose’, the former of which is a double tribute to both Kobe Bryant and COVID-19.

Via the report:

The ubiquity of the term, it appears, rubbed off on a number of Filipino parents who recently welcomed their newborns, to the extent of naming them after the disease. That is, according to viral posts that pushed “Covid Bryant” and then “Covid Rose” to top Twitter trends in the Philippines on Wednesday and Thursday.

Sure enough…

I think we can all agree naming your kid after coronavirus is a bizarre move, but what’s extra weird is doing it while the pandemic is still happening. People are still getting sick and dying and we’re all self-isolating in our homes, but at least one family out there thinks it’s a good idea to give their newborn the most early 2020s name ever – Covid Bryant. Lol.

Obviously the ‘Bryant’ is OK but I just cannot wrap my brain around naming your kid ‘Covid’ at all. Clearly we are all going insane. Just please open up the bars and get football back on TV ASAP before this trend makes its way over here too.

For the transracial white person who ‘identifies as Filipino’, click HERE. There aren’t enough face-palms in the world.


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