A Fight Over How To Cook Hot Dogs Has Led To A Police Hostage Situation

Lamar Brooks

The eternal debate.

I’ve never really even debated how to cook hot dogs, but apparently some people can feel so passionately about it that they’re willing to launch a full on hostage situation about it.

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24-year-old Lamar Brooks from Riviera Beach in Florida (this is so Florida isn’t it?) ended up pulling a gun on a woman and her child (I think they were related somehow) after she ordered him to cook hot dogs in the microwave and not on the stove. Brooks ignored her and continued cooking them on the stove, at which point she threw the pot on the stove onto the floor and started kicking off at him.

Instead of just arguing with her, Brooks unexpectedly pulled a gun out and held them both hostage, walking around the house shouting “I can cook whatever I want”. To make this story even better, it didn’t even happen at night when Brooks might have been high/drunk, but instead it unfolded at 10:3oam on a Thursday morning.

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The police were eventually called to the scene after the woman and child were able to escape from the house, presumably whilst Brooks was distracted by eating the hot dogs. Negotiators tried to contact Brooks – who they were told had barricaded himself in the house – but upon answering the phone they discovered he had actually fled the scene too.

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They used a drone to track him down and he was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm on a $50,000 bail. It doesn’t look too good for him, but I suppose he at least got to cook his hot dogs on the stove for a bit. That seemed like the big issue for him.

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