FIFA 17 Rage Is Already Breaking Out Across The Country (VIDEO)


Watch out.

EA Sports FIFA 17 was only released this week, and yet already the first guy to break into a fit of rage from losing a game has been recorded. Well that didn’t take long.

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A customer to the Game-On store in West Yorkshire decided to have a go on the new edition of the game on an Xbox One. While him and his buddy were stoked to try FIFA 17, it soon turned pretty sour. As the pair raced into a 2-0 lead on their game between Barcelona and Real Madrid, when the winner started celebrating a third goal, the other guy absolutely loses it and smashes the Xbox before storming out of the shop.

The owner of the shop, Azeem Hussain, has said he was left shocked at the guy’s actions. Clearly he does not understand the game – should’ve thought twice before you allowed random members of the public try out the new edition. We all know how savage FIFA rage can get. Rookie mistake.


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