To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, two of Italy’s most respected brands have joined forces to create the Fiat500byGucci. Seriously.

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and the 90th anniversary of Gucci, two if Italy’s hippest and most respected brands have joined forces to create the Fiat500byGucci, an exclusive designer car that aims to bring style, history and culture to a select few. I don’t really know much about cars or fashion but I think I’m a comic book geek so I think anything with the words limited and edition attached to it is ultimately cool so when i heard about the Fiat500byGucci I was kind of excited and just had to post some pictures up of it. The fact that it commemorates an important invent like the unification of Italy makes it even better. Check out the Fiat500byGucci below:

Pretty nifty huh? And two different colours! Apparently the black version of the Fiat500byGucci is designed to give off a ‘racy and contemporary feel’ whereas the white version projects a softer, more sophisticated look. The Fiat500byGucci is so cool that it was first seen on the first day of the Milan fashion week – an unprecedented amalgamation of the fashion and motor worlds between two of the biggest brands involved in both.

What else could make the Fiat500byGucci even hipper? How about this – to increase the exclusivity of the model it will initially only be available online. Nothing screams out exclusivity and limited edition like a cool, hip and edgy way to order it like through an exclusive website on the internet. It’s way better than going down to your local Fiat dealership or using Ebay or whatever anyone else uses to buy cars these days. Fiat500byGucci themselves state that this adds ‘another dimension to this exclusive model, creating an even greater sense of exclusivity.’ Hip.

As well as coming in two different colours, the Fiat500byGucci also comes with two different options regarding engine size: you can pick up a 1.2 litre model for £14,565 or an award winning 0.9 litre TwinAir engine for £15,765. I said earlier i don’t know much about cars but aren’t cars with bigger engines supposed to be more powerful and therefore cost more? Or is this TwinAir engine just so dope that it’s more expensive? If someone who knows about that can hit me up it would be appreciated.

In any case, i doubt I’ll be buying a Fiat500byGucci any time soon. Not only is it really expensive but I think it’s probably a bit too small for my needs. Also I’m probably not cool/hip enough to own one. However, if you’re interested and want to stay updated, make sure you head over to the Fiat500byGucci website and sign up to their mailing list.


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