Feminists Are PISSED That Wonder Woman Doesn’t Have Any Armpit Hair

Here we go again.

Set for cinemas this summer, the new Wonder Woman film will be the first female-centric superhero movie since… the original Wonder Woman?

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Everyone’s excited about the trailer, which you can watch below:

If you were paying close attention, you may have noticed that Wonder Woman’s arm pits are completely shaved. Weird right?! Well no it’s not that weird, but according to Refinery 29, the lack of body hair on the female warrior is a huge middle finger to feminism.

Via their whiny article:

It’s really hard to believe that Wonder Woman, who has been on an island filled with strong women her entire life, is worried about waxing and then bleaching her pits.

That is a time-consuming process and she’s a little too busy training ‘10 times harder’ with the Amazons so that she can, you know, save the world.

The fact that anyone can be angry about this is mind-boggling. I mean this is Wonder Woman we’re talking about. Are these militant feminists saying that Wonder Woman shouldn’t be allowed to walk around with hairless armpits? Sounds a bit sexist to me. Forget the fact she’s on an island where bleach and razors probably don’t even exist, if Wonder Woman wants hairless pits she’ll find a way to make that happen.

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