Female Spiders Are Forcing Male Spiders To Perform Oral Sex On Them (VIDEO)

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more terrifying.

We already know that female spiders sometimes decapitate and eat the male during/after having sex with them, but it now turns out they’re even kinkier than that.

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Scientists in Slovenia were stunned to witness male Madagascan Darwin’s bark spiders performing “cunnilingus-like” oral sex on females. Some even performed it up to 100 TIMES in one session.

The female Madagascan Darwin’s bark spiders, Caerostris darwini, are 14 times heavier than the males and are usually around 2.3 times larger.

Matja Gregori, a research associate at the Biological Institute, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) said:

Oral sexual contact seems to be an obligate sexual behaviour in this species as all males did it before, in between, and after copulations, even up to 100 times.

What’s also interesting is that the male spiders were observed to emasculate themselves by chewing on the “palp” – a secondary genital organ – in an attempt to become better at fighting other males.

Other male spiders were found to take part in “mate binding” where they’d wrap the giant female in silk to prevent her from eating them after sex. However, most of the time the female would chill and let them do it, then escape and devour the male anyway.

Our field and laboratory study uncovers a rich sexual repertoire that predictably involves cannibalism, genital mutilation, male preference for teneral females, and emasculation.

Surprisingly, Caerostris darwini males engage in oral sexual encounters, rarely reported outside mammals.

Watch below:

Well, as if spiders weren’t terrifying enough already we now have to hear that female spiders are forcing guy spiders to eat them out. 100 times during a single session?! Absolute savagery.

Best not to think about spiders eating pussy for too long though – that’s the kind of thing spider nightmares (NSFL) are made of.


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