A Female Prison Guard Performed Abusive Oral Sex On An Inmate In The Laundry Room


I think all of us have probably seen enough movies and TV shows about prison to know that there’s a lot of dodgy sex stuff that goes down in those kind of institutions, but even though we probably all know this it’s still kinda shocking when you hear some of the facts laid bare.

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We’re over in Oklahoma for this one where 26 year old former prison guard Amanda Oatis is facing charges of multiple counts of sexual battery, forcible anal sodomy, possession of contraband in a penal institution and bringing alcohol into a prison after accounts emerged of her relationship with several prisoners under her supervision. Here’s what investigator Brendan Williams had to say about her alleged crimes:

All of the sexual activity took place in the prison laundry room. Oatis is alleged to have performed violent oral sex on one victim at least three times and violently penetrated her with her finger another seven times.

This account of physically intimate contact between Oatis and (the inmate) was supported by a witness who claimed to have heard Oatis and (the inmate) engaged in sexual activity in the prison’s laundry room, and a witness who saw Oatis and (the inmate) laying in a bed together.

Another victim claims that Oatis kissed her at least 50 times in a storage closet.

According to (this inmate), this physically intimate contact was accompanied by the fondling of her breasts by Oatis.

The romantic nature of Oatis and (the inmate’s) relationship was supported by a witness who claimed to have seen Oatis and (the inmate)  lying in bed with one another.

Hot damn prisons are seedy aren’t they? Oatis is currently awaiting trial in her own prison and is being held on a $250,000 bond. Hopefully she’s getting a taste of her own medicine in there.

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