Female Postie Catcalls At ‘Violated’ Builder Before Taking His Photo To Save For Later

The tables have turned.

An investigation has been launched into a female postie who allegedly leered at a builder whilst making rude remarks.

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There are also allegations that 48-year-old Jade Buggie took a photo of Shaun Jones (pictured with his family below) before telling him it was for the “w**k bank”. Wow, I thought that it was mostly just men who harassed women on the street, but it appears that it can happen both ways.

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Shaun, 42, called the police after Jade refused to delete the image and also reported her to the Royal Mail. She is now suspended from her job until they get to the bottom of what really went down. Shaun added:

The whole thing was really weird, it freaked me out. If I had taken a photo of her, I’d have been arrested straight away.

Everyone thinks builders wolf-whistle at girls, but it doesn’t happen at all now.

I believe in equality but it works both ways.

I presumed she fancied me. My missus tells me I’m good looking all the time but she’s probably a bit biased.

I haven’t got a clue how she knew my name.

I can’t ever remember our paths crossing. I didn’t know her from Adam.

One of his colleagues who saw the whole thing said:

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It’s not acceptable.

Jade denies the allegations:

He had said lots of things to me prior to that. Lots of things that women have to put up with from builders.

Well, I’m not sure who’s telling the truth here, but the investigation is underway now so they’ll no doubt get to the bottom of it soon. Hopefully this scandal will make Jade stop and think next time she finds a potential w**k bank victim. After all, wolf whistling is now a hate crime, apparently.


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