Female Police Cadet’s Lives Ruined By This Leaked Picture Showing Them Hooking Up


What’s the problem?

Two female police cadets from Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police in Argentina have been suspended after the below picture showing them kissing was published online.

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Carolina Gutierrez and Brenda del Hoyo were pictured by a friend as they were getting ready to celebrate their graduation and somehow the image made its way on social media. As a result, the pair have been banned from attending their graduation ceremony and both have been suspended from the police force.


Obviously this is completely discriminatory, and Carolina has said she is making plans to appeal the decision. She said:

What they did was a big mistake, they were just trying to act tough and make an example of us.

A classmate took the picture and sent it to us through a private message.

Somebody else, and we are not sure who, took a screenshot and published it to the public where it went viral.

That was on Thursday, and a day later we were suspended.

I think they should think again because we really want to be police officers and we don’t think we have been treated fairly.

Although Carolina is doing her best to fight the decision, she might have a spot of bother doing so, as according to the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police, the decision was not made due to sexual orientation, but because they broke the rules of the academy. A spokesperson said:

It is forbidden to take pictures, record with the uniform and upload it to social networks.

It is a serious fault and even more if the image of the metropolitan police is in any way brought into disrepute as a result.

OK fair enough, rules are rules. But I’d like to see how the academy would react if it were a picture of a male and female cadet kissing. I wonder if they’d receive the same harsh treatment?

For more discrimination, check out this lesbian getting kicked out of a bathroom for not looking enough like a woman. What the fuck?


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