Female Gang Member’s Mugshot Sees Her Dubbed The Next Hot Felon

Mirella Ponce

Men are offering to pay her $100,000 bail.

The Jeremy Meeks story is the stuff of legend – guy looks hot in mugshot, serves his time and leaves to be handed a modelling contract after his photograph goes viral – so it’s kind of crazy it’s taken this long for the female equivalent to be found, but here she is.

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Her name is Mirella Ponce and her picture quickly swept the internet when it was posted by Fresno Police Department, attracting 3500 shares in just a couple of days, with many men offering to pay her $100,000 bail. I mean yeah there’s no doubting that she’s hot, but would you really wanna spring that much on bail for someone who is a known gang member?

Police are saying that she’s member of the Little Rascals gang – I got no idea what their reputation is sorry – and she was arrested when she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in her car along with two other gang members and her infant son. They found her in possession of a stolen loaded gun that was also a pretty nice shade of pink, which only served to make her more endearing to internet creeps:

Mirella Ponce 2

Ponce is now facing charges – alongside one of the other gang members in the car who was booked on an unrelated feeling charge – and is currently locked up in Fresno County Jail. Unless some freak actually posted her bail that is. No one in their right mind would do that though, surely?

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