13x Female Arm Wrestling Champion Destroys A Bunch of Hench Dudes On Miami Beach

Total annihilation.

The world is filled with insanely muscular dudes who don’t play sports but are in the gym every day working hard on their beach bodies. And fair play to them – it takes a lot of time and discipline to sculpt the type of body you feel confident enough to show off on a packed beach.

But it’s not gonna help you when 13-time arm wrestling champion Irina Gladkaya AKA Black Diamond shows up on Miami Beach and challenges every dude in the vinicity to an arm wrestling contest…

Um, I’m no arm wrestling expert but is it legal to throw her body weight around like that? Well apparently so because she’s the 13x arm wrestling champion and I’m just a weakling blogging about it. It does go to show though how much of it is about technique and how much is strength, not that these meatheads are necessarily stronger than her, but they’re relying on pure strength only.

Favourite part of the video?

Crucial preparation for any arm wrestling showdown.

I did like this clip too though – the only guy on Miami Beach with a brain, apparently:

Go Irina Go!

For a video that shows you how to win an arm wrestle every single time, click HERE. Dudes should’ve done their research.


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