Fears Of A Second Coronavirus Wave Grow As China Closes Gyms And Swimming Pools

Oh shit.

Everyone knows that the Coronavirus originated in China, but what is constantly being disputed is whether or not they’ve actually got it under control now like they’ve been claiming for the last two weeks after the lockdown over Wuhan was finally lifted.

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The Chinese government is saying that there has only been 4633 deaths in the country and 82,830 cases, but some people in Wuhan reckon that the death count in the region is closer to 42,000. Now reports are coming out of China that gyms and swimming pools have been closed in Beijing and around the country, which is sparking fears that not only have they not been telling the turret about their handling of the virus, but that a second wave might be approaching.

Another city in the north of the country named Harbin has also been locked down, after it was revealed the a student returned to the city after quarantine and infected 70 more people. There were also seven more cases in the province of Shaanxi after citizens returned from Russia and now the city’s 11 million residents have been forced to restrict their travel for the foreseeable future.

Not really sure if this means that a second wave of Coronavirus is coming, but I think we can probably all agree that there’s something murky going on in China and they probably can’t be trusted. Watch this space.

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