Fears Grow Over YouTuber Marina Joyce’s Safety After Several Increasingly Bizarre Videos Posted Online

Whatever it is, something really weird is going on.

Cast your minds back to 2014 when we published an article surrounding the sexual assault allegations surrounding Sam Pepper and other notable YouTube names with shit hair. Strange things are happening online right now and whilst these assholes aren’t directly involved, it’s important to remember the damaged they caused at the time.


For those who follow the daily hashtags, you may have noticed that #savemarinajoyce has been trending on Twitter. The girl in question is a vlogger and YouTube personality named Marina Joyce who once was a bright and bubbly young lady, but now appears to be an empty shell of her former self. Not only did she once make a video with alleged abuser Veeoneeye, she was also a victim of Pepper’s and spoke about her ordeal in a YouTube video.

Viewers are concerned that she’s acting strangely and that she’s been kidnapped, facing a drug addiction or is being severely abused. Not only has she lost all sense of her former self, but she acts like a terrified person putting on a front, is covered in bruises whilst her boyfriend’s knuckles have marks and there appears to be bars on the windows of her room. Her eyes often trail off to behind the camera and her actions are awkward as though she’s impersonating someone else’s actions – she also repeats entire sentences without editing them out.

In her DATE OUTFIT IDEAS video you can see the bars on the windows behind her and even hear a voiceover of her saying “help me” eleven seconds in. At eighteen seconds you see someone else’s finger enter the screen, as though she’s being told what to do. Some think that she’s being directed to hide the bars with her head at some points. If you compare her mannerisms in this video compared to her older uploads, there is an obviously huge difference, but even watching this alone is enough to give someone the creeps.

There are also noticeable bruises on the backs of Marina’s arms and her eyes at 1:08 look fearful. Not only does it seem forced but you can see her look past the camera with an alarmed expression before smiling to cover up any peculiarity. It’s all very fishy.

Here’s what people on Twitter have been noticing, the most terrifying spots including a creepy figure and a gun located in the same room. There are also some signs that have been interpreted as cries for help. Ugh!




If you look into the screenshot of her eyes you can see a white ski mask one that matches another that seems to house a body in the corner of her room. Beyond terrifying.

Here are the aforementioned bruises, note the bruises on her boyfriend’s hands. Rumours say that Marina’s personality started to change after she uploaded a tag video where he first appeared. Her current Twitter activity is also very suspicious, she seems to be typing one thing but her likes say the opposite. She mostly seems to be liking things that go along the lines of “send us a message if you need help”, could this be her way of trying to contact us?

But where is she now? Apparently all her latest creations were filmed prior to uploading as she hasn’t lived at the house with the bars for over 3 months. A lot of people feel like if it wasn’t a big deal, she would’ve uploaded a video by now stating that it’s all gotten out of hand

She has however asked fans to meet her at a morning rave in Bethnal Green next week. Many only caught the tweet that followed which asked fans to meet at 6:30am prior to the event and some people have started showing up in the area to search for the endangered vlogger, although this will probably be to no avail. Some people even fear that this has direct links to ISIS.

With each passing second there are more and more theories being talked about online but even if Marina isn’t being abused or hasn’t been kidnapped, there’s definitely still something weird going on. I really hope it’s all a hoax but if not I am genuinely concerned for this girl’s life.

All I know for sure is that I definitely won’t be sleeping tonight. Let’s all direct our attention to this angry raccoon until the police get involved.


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