You Can Now Listen To Your Favourite Sega Mega Drive Soundtracks On Spotify

Sega music

Nostalgia alert.

I’m sure most of you have fond childhood memories of shutting the curtains, ignoring the outside world and spending the entire weekend playing Sega Mega Drive games with your buddies. It was the only way to have any fun right?

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Well, if you’re in need of a little nostalgia shot then you’re in luck, because Spotify have decided to upload all of the best soundtracks from the 90s classics. Just search for the artist ‘SEGA’ and you’ll find the full backing for Nights Into Dreams as well as the complete works from Out Run, OutRun 2 and OutRunners (not to mention Sonic, obviously). There’s even some Virtua Fighter in the mix, and the Skies of Arcadia score.

Not sure who decided to resurrect these gaming classics, but whoever it was, they are a true hero of our time. Just waiting for Sonic and (if anyone else remembers) ToeJam & Earl and then I’ll be happy.

For more on Sega Mega Drive, did you know that you can now play all of the classic games online? That’s your weekend sorted.


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