A Former Assistant To Dr. Fauci Is Now Selling ‘Orgasm Art’ On OnlyFans

Oh wow (NSFW).

As if the pandemic era couldn’t get any crazier, it now turns out one of Anthony Fauci’s former assistants at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has ditched the science life in favour of selling NSFW ‘orgasm art’ on OnlyFans.

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44-year-old Hannah Sanford is making a killing selling her artwork for $500-a-pop, as well as porn videos where she’s pleasuring herself and her partner.

Sanford quit a $80k-a-year job developing anthrax vaccines to join the OnlyFans train. Before that, she was a research assistant at Harvard Medical School studying formulas to fight HIV/AIDS. She then worked at NIAID, where she focused on deadly viruses, such as Ebola. She’s now making $100k-a-year on OnlyFans.

Hannah told the NY Post:

It’s hilarious to me that, now the pandemic is actually happening, I’m an artist rather than a scientist.

Welp, fair play to her I guess. Sure the world needs all the doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers we can get in the COVID-19 era, but the world also needs MILF-y 44-year-olds selling orgasm art on OnlyFans, and we can hardly expect Hannah to do both those things, can we?

What is orgasm art, exactly? According to the NY Post…

The former scientist has made a lucrative career out of painting abstract visualizations of her own orgasms — often in the nude or in sexy lingerie.

I mean that’s got to be more fulfilling than discovering medicines and saving lives, right? At least financially in this case. Go Hannah Go!

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