Watch This Father And Son Slice Into A Rattlesnake To Find Out What’s Inside

Guy Cutting Up Rattlesnake

Pretty surprising to be honest.

A kid called Lincoln and his father Mark run a YouTube channel called ‘What’s Inside’ in which they cut open objects to find out what’s inside them. They started off doing small time stuff like balls and lava lamps but at the behest of their viewers they’ve taken their latest instalment to the next level by finding out what’s inside a rattlesnake.

Don’t worry – they didn’t go and kill a rattlesnake or chop up a live one, they merely ordered a dead on online, and even went to the zoo to check out that it matched an actual living rattlesnake. Then, they proceeded with the operation and well, see for yourself.

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Wow. Who would have thought that huh – there’s actually nothing inside a rattlesnake’s rattle at all. Apparently special ‘shaker’ muscles in the snake’s tail cause the segments of the tail to vibrate against each other and cause the rattling sound. Biology huh – who knew?

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