Father Reveals He Keeps 6 Year Old Son Off The Streets By Egging Houses With Him



I’m not really sure what the situation with young kids joining gangs in Oldham is, but I’m fairly certain that a parent who is worried about that possibility has better options for trying to combat it other than egging houses with their child in the hopes that they become famous on TikTok?

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This however is the strategy of parent Jason Knight, who has taken to the streets with his six year old son Jack to throw eggs at other people’s houses. When he said that he was keeping his kid off the streets I thought he meant that he was entering his teens or something, not some six year old wandering around on them? Surely he could just find a more wholesome activity for Jack to do like swimming or football or something? Painting?

Anyway, here’s what Jason had to say about his decision (he’s sadly made his TikTok account private so we can’t see any of the videos he’s posted anymore):

In my eyes, I see it as a little thing for my son where he cleans up afterwards and it teaches him a lesson.

There was someone running around with a machete where I live a few weeks ago saying he was going to slice everyone up.

My son is egging houses, not running around with a machete. In my eyes, I’m doing the right thing.

We’re not doing it maliciously.

We have people give us addresses whether it be their family or friends.

We always go back the next day and clean up. It’s not like [Jack] is running off and leaving it for other people to clean.

We show them the address that’s been given to us and we let the people know who has [thrown the eggs].

Everyone started liking the videos and commenting; some people take it as a joke and some people see it like I’m in the wrong.

Even if Jack gets [TikTok] famous, it’s a good thing for him, [TikTok famous] people move to different areas with the money they get.

I want to keep the old school prank alive.

I don’t want the tradition to die.

I’d like to keep what I did as a kid in my family.

I know in my head he’s out doing normal little kid stuff that everyone used to do when they were kids.

I did it as a kid and I’ve turned out to be a nice person.

The estate I live on, it’s crazy. The police are there all the time and people are racing up and down in cars. It’s not a nice place to live.

It steers [Jack] away from all the other kids swearing and bullying other kids.

I let him out the other day on the park and he came back crying his eyes out saying the other kids were bullying him.

I’m trying to do it for him so he’s got a better life so he can move away from around here.

Wow there’s a lot going on there but it sounds like his whole strategy is a bit moot if the guy is letting his kid go out and play in the streets anyway? Kinda sounds more like he’s just doing it so that Jack makes loads of money off throwing eggs at people’s houses and then they both can move out of his horrible estate, but that he also hasn’t really got a clue how to monetise the virality of the videos and also doesn’t want to sound like he’s exploiting his kid for monetary gain anyway.

Really strange situation and one that I’m unsure is really benefitting anyone, especially if Jason isn’t telling the truth about people apparently requesting that Jack goes and eggs their houses. Even if he does clean it up the day after – won’t the egg have like dried and left a stain in that time? – I still can’t believe that too many people are willingly offering their houses up to be egged. What’s the advantage for them?

Also, it’s pretty funny that this guy is so proud of his little egg throwing scheme that he’s getting himself and his son to pose with eggs for photos in the local paper. Come on now.

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