Father Breaks Down After Meeting His Transgender Son For The First Time On Dr. Phil


This clip is actually from a few years back but is going viral on Twitter this week. It’s really one of those moments that should be happening behind closed doors rather than broadcast on live television for people’s enjoyment, but then how would Dr. Phil earn a living eh?

Watch below:

Boy, that was rough. Again, I’m not sure why you’d arrange to meet your transgender son (daughter?) for the first time on Dr. Phil rather than in private. I mean, there’s no way a real psychologist who cares about people would condone something like this playing out in front of an audience with cameras, right? Although, I guess there’s a certain benefit to people watching who might be in a similar situation, and they did choose to be on the program after all.

Obviously the whole thing sucks for both parties, but I have to admit the “he’s a very beautiful man” line killed me. Hopefully these two have worked things out since this show aired and the dad has come to accept his son daughter for who they are, or maybe the lad realised they weren’t trans after all. Who knows? You have to wish people the best regardless.

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