Asshole Father Filmed Kicking His Son Because He Fell Over On Icy Pavement

Kicking Kid

Father of the year.

When you’re a little kid, there’s a lot of things that you can’t actually do and your parents are supposed to help you out with them. Not literally kick you whilst you’re down.

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Unfortunately, the guy in the video below didn’t seem to get that memo. The video comes from Bishkek in Kazakhstan and features some asshole walking along the street with his kid.

When the kid falls over because he can’t stand up on the icy pavement, instead of helping him up and holding his hand to help him down the road, the guy instead decides to kick him really hard in the stomach whilst he’s lying on the floor. Can’t even comprehend why someone would want to do that:

That is a vicious kick isn’t it? What an absolute jerkwad that guy is. Some people posted that the kid was having a tantrum beforehand but it’s not like that’s an excuse for this kind of behaviour, is it?

If you’re pretty upset about this like me, you’ll be pleased to hear that the guy was identified following the clip and subsequently arrested. An investigation is underway too, whatever that means.

For more kicking people, check out this woman getting brutally kicked down the stairs in a completely unprovoked attack. Awful.


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