Father Fakes His Own Death To Reveal That Wife Hired A Hitman To Kill Him


You see a lot of movies and TV shows about hitmen running around popping people off for money, but you don’t often hear about them in the press too much.

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This is a story about a hitman – although this time he was outsmarted by his prey as Ramon Sosa was able to fake his own death to prove that his wife Maria – or Lulu to her friends/lovers – had hired a hitman to kill him for £1500 during a contentious divorce. Ramon revealed his plan to The Sun, saying the following about his ordeal in Houston:

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Those moments when I first heard that Lulu wanted to have me killed were surreal.

The words kind of hung in the air for a split second and when I began to process the message, the words fell into my brain one by one.

From that point on, so many thoughts began crossing my mind! It’s as if my synapses were on rapid fire! And then there was doubt, of course. I didn’t want to believe it at first.

After the reality it set in I became angry, sad and confused; a whole mix of emotions, each fighting the other to be the dominant feeling.

Yes, I slept with the enemy and with one eye open, all while trying to act as “normal” as possible so Lulu would continue with her plan. Keep in mind, that was the only way we could catch her in the act.

The only way to prove that she was trying to have me killed was to fake my own death.

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It was chilling. Utterly and indescribably chilling.

That picture, to this day, reflects one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. The thought of me lying in a shallow grave in my underwear with a bullet hole through my temple is mind boggling.

All of this drama to prove to Lulu, my beloved, that I was dead. One will never be able to wrap their mind around that kind of madness!

I still remember what I was thinking while I was posing for that picture: My kids and my parents; what they were going to think whenever they saw the gruesome images.

My daughter Mia still has a hard time looking at that picture. She knows that it’s staged but it reminds her that it could have really happened if Lulu had gotten her way.

Lulu [was] laughing when the undercover officer showed her the picture. She had the nerve to ask him if I was really dead or if I was going to get up.

I never, ever for one moment thought that Lulu would want to kill me. Our divorce was very difficult and contentious, but at no time did murder of any kind cross my mind.

In hindsight I can tell you that she not only wanted to have me murdered, but she had been planning to destroy the life I worked so hard to build for some time.

After I received all the evidence that the authorities had collected from Lulu,  I can honestly say that l am very lucky to still be alive.

Lulu was the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. Little did I know.

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Damn. Sounds like Ramon got played huh – although he was the one eventually doing the playing as Lulu ended up in jail for 20 years for her crimes. That’s not so good Al.

Kinda crazy that Ramon had to go to this levels to get people to believe him and earn a conviction, but I guess it was all worth it in the end. Crazy story.

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