Porn Star Lynn Pleasant Faces 10 Years For Hiring Hitman To Kill Her Son’s Father

So much wasted potential.

The Metro is reporting that Pornhub star Lynn Pleasant is looking at 10 years in prison for paying a ‘hitman’ £4,000 to murder her son’s father.

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Lynn made the payment but just one problem – the hitman was actually an undercover police officer.

The 31-year-old porn star, real name is Katrina L Dartford, made a bunch of calls offering people money to kill the victim, and one ‘friend’ gave her the number of a so-called hitman, who she agreed to meet.

Prosecutor Traci Whelan said:

On Nov 10, 2018, Danforth mailed a thank you card with $2,500 (deposit) in it from Idaho to the hitman’s address in Montana.

A thank you card? Credit to Lynn Pleasant for at least being gracious and polite about hiring this guy to murder her son’s father.

The vibe sort of changes though when you find out what else she wrote in the thank you card:

It also noted that Pleasant had specific requirements for the hitman, including, “R.H’s body had to be found and [she] did not care if others who lived in the home were harmed as long as her own child was not harmed.”

Didn’t care if anyone else in the house was murdered, as long as her own child wasn’t harmed. That’s pretty cold. You’d expect more from the 2015 part time amateur webcam porn winner:

Oh well, at least in 10 years time when she’s out of prison she’ll be ready to revitalise her porn career in the MILF category. Maybe a ‘cheating MILF hires hitman to kill her baby daddy’ scenario? Just throwing some ideas out there.

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