Father And Daughter Have Epic Beatbox Battle To Decide Who Does The Dishes

Father Daughter Beatbox Battle

A battle for the ages.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would always make you do the dishes and there wasn’t really anything you could say or do to stop this from happening, so you just had to go and do them and it sucked?

Well, prepare to get jealous of this girl and her family because whenever someone has to do the dishes over there they decide to have a beatbox battle in order to determine who has to go and do them. And it seems like it’s developed into a really big deal over there because both the father and the daughter are absolutely sick at beatboxing and hold absolutely nothing back in this epic encounter.

It’s a great idea to implement some kind of competition like this in the family, as not only does it give children a chance to get out of boring household chores and embarrass their parents, but it also teaches them an important skill that they can use their entire lives to impress people and gain friends. A+ parenting.

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