A Father Was Called A Dirty Jew In An Unprovoked Attack In St. Albans (VIDEO)

What is going on with these people?

You normally expect that if you meet up with one of your mates and their young children for a coffee on a Saturday afternoon in the nearest town centre that you’re not going to have to deal with racist attacks, but unfortunately it doesn’t look as if that’s the case in St Albans.

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A 30 year old man named Michael was hanging out on Saturday at Costa Coffee with his brother in law and their young children when an unknown man approached them and started shoving the pram that contained a one year old baby and calling him a dirty Jew. Michael describes the incident as deeply upsetting:

I was with my family and my sister-in-law’s family sitting in the outside seating area.

A man came along and shoved the pram my one-year-old nephew was in. My brother-in-law, the baby’s father, went over and asked what he was doing and why he pushed the pram.

He said it was because “you’re a dirty jew”. I took out my camera and asked him to repeat what he had said and he did.

He said sit back down and took a slap at my camera. Then he continued with the racist language and tried to kick the barrier in to me. And then he went on his way.

It makes me feel fearful. It was deeply deeply unpleasant and gets your heart rate going.

For the rest of the time I was conscious of my surroundings to try and make sure we weren’t attacked again.

We were there with my three-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. Myself and my brother-in-law stood up to protect our family by standing in between them so they were sheltered and distracted.

I’d like to add that this isn’t the first time I’ve been racially abused. It seems to me that anti-semitism is rising in the UK.

I mean yeah I can’t really blame the guy for feeling pretty violated when this weird guy just approaches him and has a go at him for no real reason, kinda vaguely threatening his babies and then hurling racist language at him as well. Pretty goddamn terrible to be honest.

The Hertfordshire Police are now investigating the incident and given how widespread it has been on social media I don’t doubt it will be too long until this guy is found, but even so it seems like stuff like this is happening all the time these days. Something needs to be done to sort it out and quickly.

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