A Fast Food Outlet Is Serving The UK’s First Wagyu Doner Kebab For £20



Wagyu beef is well known for being especially expensive but also totally worth it because it’s the most tender and delicate cut out there, so you might wonder why someone would want to potentially ruin all that by turning it into a doner kebab?

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Well, the answer is obvious isn’t it – everyone in the UK absolutely loves a doner kebab and Yousef and Ashram Ali thought that it would be the perfect novelty item on the menu at their new fast food restaurant Wagyu Brothers in Portsmouth. The pair even spent 18 months perfecting the recipe before they opened up and started selling them.

Here’s what Yousef had to say about the new kebab:

Me and my brother are both foodies, we like to experiment with high-quality ingredients at home and turned it into something we want to serve the public because it was just too good.

We wanted to go and do fast food, but the difference of using premium Wagyu beef.

We have a 15kg doner every Friday and Saturday and that is all we sell for the day so it’s completely fresh, so you’re not getting yesterday’s kebab.

We just use Wagyu, there are no other additives, and the only thing that we season it with is salt. So you’re getting 100% meat.

The taste is very different to the kebab that we’re all used to, it tastes like actual meat with no aftertaste, and even the fat that comes off is a clean colour.

One of our chefs is very experienced in kebab shops, and he’s never seen the fat quite like it.

People that are not aware of Wagyu might think the prices are a bit extortionate, but for a foodie that knows what Wagyu beef is, it’s the highest quality cow you can get.

They understand that this is as affordable as we could make it.

Yeah, that’s the one problem with this – a kebab is gonna set you back £20 if you want 300g of meat or £15 for 200g and that’s not exactly the price you want to be paying for a cheeky kebab at the end of a night out is it? Used to be four quid back in the day.

In all seriousness though, if I was travelling through Portsmouth I would probably stop by and check this out because it does sound delicious. Not sure if I could afford it every week or even once a month because it’s a very luxury meal, you know? Will be surprised if they manage to stay open considering how everyone is pinching all their pennies at the moment but good luck to them. It’s a nice idea.

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