Fashion Designer Alexander Wang Has Been Accused Of Multiple Counts Of Sexual Misconduct

This is really grim.

I’m not exactly an expert on the fashion world but I think I’ve heard of designer Alexander Wang and I definitely will remember him after reading the thread where he’s been accused of sexual misconduct via a variety of different sources because he sounds like a complete creep from what people have been saying.

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Find out what he’s been accused of below but be warned, this is some pretty dark and disgusting behaviour and could be pretty triggering:

Geez. I know everyone should be innocent until proven guilty, but there are enough of these stories that are similar that you kind of get the impression the guy has been operating like this for years with the same MO and been getting away with it due to his status within the industry.

Perhaps the most grim aspect off it all is that a bunch of people have left replies saying stuff along the lines of ‘well that’s just the fashion industry, what do you expect?’ and even though I do kind of get the impression that this is exactly the kind of stuff that goes down within it, it’s still particularly jarring that nobody seems too bothered about taking this accusations seriously. Just par for the course apparently and sadly that is something I can believe given the reputation of the industry. Guess they all just wanna get young good looking models completely wasted without their consent and then take advantage of them. Disgusting.

Alexander Wang himself has responded to them at least, issuing the following statement:


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I guess we’ll have to see how this develops over the coming weeks, but it looks as if Wang is going to fight it at the moment judging by that statement. Not really sure how he’s going to be able to do that with so many different stories out there though. Sometimes people seem to get away with it though.

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