Fashion Brand Sparks Outrage Over School Shooting-Themed Clothing Line

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Here’s the latest in brands trying to be edgy and/or make some kind of controversial statement and getting it horribly wrong. Streetwear brand Bstroy is facing backlash after debuting their latest clothing collection which features designs themed around school shootings.

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As reported by Today:

The New York-based brand unveiled its spring 2020 collection at a fashion show earlier this week, and many Instagram users are calling some of the designs “disgusting” and “tasteless” in response. The garments at the center of the controversy? A series of sweatshirts embroidered with the names of several school shootings locations, including Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Each of the sweatshirts also features tattered details and distressing that resemble bullet holes.

Here are some examples:

Yeah that’s not edgy or making some kind of powerful statement is it? It’s just plain dumb in fact. Just a way to profit from tragedy while making school shootings seem like the most natural thing in the world to the point that it’s a fashion. Who would ever buy/wear this stuff other than a complete dickhead?

The brand seems to have a decent following online and I’m sure this was just a move to get more eye balls on them because they can always fall back on calling it “art” and apologise for offending anyone. Bottom line is people are not going to like this at all. Trying to be controversial by selling clothes with bullet holes in them at ridiculously marked up prices. Just dumb really.

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