Fans Are Labelling This MMA Knockout The Most Brutal Of All Time

Knee Knockout

There’s nothing better when watching an MMA fight then seeing an absolutely savage knockout and fans are calling the most below the most brutal that they’ve ever seen.

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Surprisingly it’s not from Saturday’s stacked UFC 217 card, but from Bellator 186 on Friday night in the fight between Tywan Claxton and Jonny Bonilla-Bowman. It took just 90 seconds in the first round for Claxton to land a flying knee to the face of Bonilla-Bowman, that knocked him clean out before he even hit the ground:

Yeowch that is a task knockout. Unsurprisingly, it took Bonilla-Bowman over two minutes to get back to his stool and he then needed help getting out of the octagon as well.

As for Claxton, he’s now at 7-0 as an amateur and 1-0 as a pro, now has his sights on Aaron Pico for his next fight. Should be a good one.

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