The Fan Who Ran In The Ring At WWE Night Of Champions Is Going To Jail

Fan Hits WWE Ring

If you ever need a reason not to try and get in the ring at a WWE event, then this is it.

On Monday, we posted this video of a WWE fan jumping into the ring in his homemade Shield gear and acting like he was the mystery partner of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (pictured below) in their tag team match against the Wyatt Family. Of course, he wasn’t and he was swiftly escorted out of the ring.

You probably thought that was going to be the last you heard from him, but we can now reveal that he’s actually going to jail for this. That’s right, a 37 year old man named Oscar Ramirez is going to have to spend time in the slammer because he thought it would be funny to dress up as his favourite wrestler and jump into the ring with them.

I’m not sure what’s more tragic – the fact that this has actually resulted in a jail sentence for this poor man or the fact that this poor man thought it would be a cool idea to dress up as a wrestler and storm the ring at the age of 37. Whatever gets you through life I guess man.

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Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose

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Ramirez was looking at a six month sentence after he was charged with ‘criminal trespass of a property or building with no forced entry.’ He plead guilty though – probably because there was a video of him performing the act and he had probably been planning it for months with his little outfit so there wasn’t really any point in denying it – and only received ten days imprisonment.

Even though that isn’t that long, it still completely sucks and he’ll be in the slammer right now scared as hell whilst you’re reading this. If you ever needed a reason to NOT trespass at sporting events (and wrestling events, OK OK) then all you need to do is look at this story really.

If you’re that obsessed with trespassing then do it somewhere cool like this guy, who travels around the world visiting awesome forbidden locations.


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