Fan Runs Onto Football Pitch And Takes Free Kick

Fan Takes Free Kick

This is what you didn’t see on Match Of The Day.

This has got to be one of the best pitch invasions in history. Way better than when a cat invades the pitch anyway.

I don’t know how this guy got away with it but somehow he managed to get onto the pitch during the West Ham Tottenham match at the weekend when Spurs were about to take a free kick and managed to actually take it himself. It’s not a bad effort either and almost sneaks into the top corner.

I’ve seriously never seen anything like it (and neither had the Spurs player lining up to take the free kick judging by his reaction). Most pitch invasions are so crap – normally they might get naked if you’re lucky but most of the time they just run around the pitch looking like a twat – but this guy really took it the next level. I know the football league tries to discourage pitch invasions but I really feel like this was good enough to deserve a spot on Match Of The Day. At least in 2 Good 2 Bad.


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