A new kind of pitch invader.

It seems like something’s in the water up on Merseyside. Last week an Everton fan handcuffed himself to the post during the Everton Manchester City game for no apparent reason, and now this week a cat just made it onto the pitch just now in the Liverpool V Spurs match. It didn’t really do much except perplex Brad Friedel but it’s still pretty jokes and something that I have never, ever seen happen before so thought it was worth a cheeky post and video on Sick Chirpse.

Some of the commentary was pretty good too: ‘How does a little cat find it’s way into a football stadium!?’ After about a minute some stewards helped it off the pitch and that was that, although before that it was pretty much allowed to wander around as it pleased which is kind of unusual for a football match, especially during a pitch invasion!

Someone who may or may not be Emmanuel Eboue (his account isn’t verified and it’s kind of confusing to tell if it’s him or not because he could actually be that weird) also had this to say about the incident on his twitter:

‘Daglish cat on the anfield pitch to help andy carol score… we all know he needs a hand… 35 MILLION WASTE..”

Anyone know anything about how or why a cat decided to interrupt the Liverpool V Spurs match? Hit us up. Check out the incident of the cat interrupting the game at Anfield below in this video though:

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