A Fan Jumped Out Of The Crowd And Attacked Seth Rollins On WWE RAW

What a lunatic.

What an absolute lunatic. Why do these idiots ever think attacking a pro wrestler will go well for them? Seth Rollins has just left the ring which means he’s full of testosterone, and you just know he’s already a little bit sensitive about people calling wrestling “fake” like every other wrestler out there. He’s probably looking for any excuse to knock a man out for real, or at least get one or two stiff kicks in when the opportunity presents itself.

Unfortunately for Rollins, he was hit out of nowhere with a Goldberg-style spear and probably wondered whether he had forgot the script for a second before realising what was happening. It’s too bad he didn’t get a chance to hit his finishing move on that guy before security stepped in.

As for the fan…

Funnily enough, we wrote about a similar incident just yesterday when a drunk fan rushed the ring during a midget wrestling match. Things went even more badly for that guy.


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