Best New Tumblr Find: Famous Logos Recreated In Comic Sans

Playstation Comic Sans

Comic Sans is universally derided as one of the worst fonts ever, so imagine if some of the most famous logos in the world used it.

Comic Sans is such a piece of shit font that even its creator Vincent Connare called it a ‘particularly ugly letter form’ and tried to have it destroyed before it was released. Unfortunately for him, someone thought it would be a good idea to bring it out anywhere and now it’s the source of much ridicule whenever anyone tries to use it for pretty much anything because it looks so comical and stupid.

The guys over at The Comic Sans Project though have started a mission to see it thoroughly ingrained into our lives by trying to convert every iconic logo they can think of into it. Why? ‘Because Helvetica is so 2011.’ Quite. Basically, the whole project demonstrates the difference between an expensive and awesome corporate logo and an eight year old’s attempt at a logo on Paint. If you couldn’t tell the difference already that is.

Here are some of the best ones they’ve come up with so far:

☛ More Comic Sans: Comic Sans On The New York City Subway 

Kodak Comic Sans

Supreme Comic Sans

NASA Comic Sans

Internet Explorer Comic Sans

Hard Rock Cafe Comic Sans

Durex Comic Sans

Chanel Comic Sans

Star Wars Comic Sans

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