Family Kicked Out Of House That Is Decorated With Empty Fosters Cans In Preparation For Demolition

*EXCLUSIVE* Hartlepools Tin House - Family forced out of their unique home by Council after years of battling


If you were planning on making your house look a bit nicer, chances are that you might get a conservatory or a patio or something – I don’t think there would be too many of us who would finish a can of Fosters and then try and decorate our house with it in an attempt to make some kind of art deco tribute to the famous ‘Australian’ beverage.

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There is one person in the world who thought this was a good idea and his name was Philip Muspratt from Hartlepool. He began covering his house in empty Fosters cans in 2005 and by the pictures on this page, you can see that he managed to get pretty far with it, sticking up 75,000 cans all over his house including a water feature and a BBQ in the back garden.

Sadly though, Philip passed away in 2015 before he was able to complete his project and if that wasn’t bad enough, his remaining family is now being kicked out of their beloved Fosters house by the council. They’ve earmarked the area for demolition and renovation and rehoused every family in the area except the Muspratts, who refuse to leave their father’s beloved modern art masterpiece.

They wouldn’t even entertain any offers for the house form the local council, who eventually had to take them to court and obtain an eviction notice and have now been forced to leave. It’s a pretty sad turn of events but I doubt there was anything they could do really – every other house had been demolished so it wasn’t like they were just going to change their plans to keep Fosters house standing. Best of luck to the Muspratts in the meantime.

As for Fosters house, you’ll just have to use the pictures on this website to sustain your memory of it. I think it’s too late to start a petition against demolishing it now or one to move it to the Tate or something, but if you fancy giving it a shot then it can’t hurt to try. He who thinks Australian, drinks Australian after all.

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