Watch This Fake Package Leave Thieves Covered In Glitter And Fart Spray

Glitter Bomb

Serves them right.

I’m not gonna say it’s one of the most annoying things in the world, but absolutely nobody out there enjoys getting a package stolen – especially when it’s right outside your house – so I’m pretty sure everyone will be able to enjoy the video below where a bunch of thieves get their comeuppance.

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The video is the idea of YouTuber Mark Rober, who said he felt violated after his security camera showed him that two thieves had stolen a package right off his front porch. The police said they couldn’t do anything about it so he decided to get his own back on them by fixing up a fake package that would cover the thieves in glitter and fart spray when they opened it.

The whole video details the building of the package and the theft, but if you want to get to the good stuff then it starts around 7 minutes:

Jokes. It’s kinda crazy just how many package thieves there were out there though hey? maybe teach me to take better care of my own stuff right. Also really funny how annoyed all these people are getting even though they’re literally the ones that have stolen someone else’s property and are getting payback for it. Assholes.

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