That Fake Gynaecologist Kid From Yesterday Held A Press Conference Protesting His Innocence

This kid is even more insane than we thought.

Yesterday we ran a story about 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson, the kid who went to extreme lengths to look at women’s vaginas all day. Basically, he pretended he was a gynaecologist by investing in a lab coat and opening his own clinic.

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Earlier he held a press conference in which he addressed the accusations levelled at him, which it turns out include an 86-year-old woman claiming he stole thousands of dollars from her for treatment (probably not the type of client he was hoping to see).

Watch below:

I really for the life of me can’t figure this kid out. He gets exposed for being a fake doctor/gynaecologist and now he’s holding press conferences talking about how the community has disrespected him and how sad he is that he’s being accused of being a fake doctor. What? You are a fake doctor dude. You don’t have any papers. You’re 18. You were caught running this same scam when you were 16. Still, top marks for fully committing to the lie I guess. Just Malachi being Malachi.

Here’s what a real gynaecologist looks like, in case you were wondering.


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