FaceHawk Makes A Music Video Out Of Your Facebook Timeline


Facehawk takes your entire Facebook timelines – including all photographs and status updates ever – and makes an interactive music video for you to enjoy. It’s meant to be a statement on privacy laws but we just think it’s cool.

The FaceHawk app – with your permission of course – takes your Facebook statuses and photos and creates a personalized music video of your life.

The song is called ‘Dangerous’ and it’s by music duo Big Data comprised of programmer Alan Wilkis and singer Daniel Armbruster. Wilkis had this to say of his intentions behind the video and song: ‘The song ‘Dangerous’ in particular is inspired by this new and bizarre cycle of voyeurism we all experience with the Internet – the idea that we are able to peer deeply into the lives of others through Facebook and yet, at the same time, our every single click … is anonymously monitored, tracked and recorded. Facehawk is provocative, compelling and almost forces you to have an opinion about your personal information being so readily available online.’

The FaceHawk app itself was created by Rajeev Basu, who offered the following statement: ‘It takes something that, today, is such an everyday part of most people’s lives – Facebook —- and reframes it in a way that people have never seen before. It’s meant to be jarring and make people uncomfortable’

Whether you think it demonstrates the need for privacy in this country or the fact that so much of your personal information is easily available online, I think everyone is losing site of the fact that it’s actually really fun to see all your past photographs and status updates in a music video. I know artists always have to justify each of their projects with some waffley arty thesis about how it’s challenging people’s conceptions of something, but most of the time you can just sum it up by saying it’s fun and/or cool. FaceHawk is definitely both.

You can go FaceHawk yourself at The FaceHawk Experience.

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