Facebook Have Unveiled A New Drone That Can Beam Internet Down From The Sky

Mark Zuckerberg Drones

Another technological advancement from Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are always looking to develop technology and it seems like they may have reached a milestone with their latest invention, a drone that beams internet signals down from the sky to the people below them.

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This drone would obviously be particularly useful for getting the internet in areas that have notoriously bad signal – you know those times when you’re on the phone on the train and the signal changes to E and you get really angry about it? Yeah, they wouldn’t exist anymore and you would literally be able to get high speed internet access wherever you are in the world, or at least that’s Mark’s vision for the future.

To make the drones even better, they’re all solar powered too. You can check out a video of Mark testing out the first working one below:

Wow. That’s a big drone eh? It’s crazy though that the future – at least according to Mark Zuckerberg – is going to be thousands of solar powered planes hovering on the edges of cities though right?

To be fair I don’t know why I said according to Mark Zuckerberg because if that’s what he thinks is going to happen then it’s probably exactly what is going to happen as he’s a celebrated futurist and is already well on his way to implementing it, at least according to that video. Nuts.

Have to make sure you’ve got control of the drones though – don’t want them smashing into anyone, like when this one clocked a model right in the face.


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