Facebook And Twitter Remove Video Of Donald Trump Saying Children Are Immune To Coronavirus

What a knucklehead.

I keep saying this, but Donald Trump really is on a roll at the moment with his response to Coronavirus over in the United States as literally every single day he’s coming out with something more stupid than the one before it.

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Yesterday, he was speaking in a ‘Fox And Friends’ interview when decided to go against all scientific advice on the subject and say that schools should open because he heard somewhere that children were pretty much immune to Coronavirus. Like I’m not going to say I’m an expert on COVID-19 but I’ve been keeping up with the news and writing about it a lot and literally nobody has ever said anything even similar to that, so where the hell has Trump picked that nugget of info up from?

Here’s the ridiculous clip below:

So stupid. Unbelievably, Trump’s campaign team then posted this specific clip on both Facebook and Twitter, I assume to try and drum up support for the schools reopening. I say that’s unbelievable but it really isn’t these days is it?

Anyway, thankfully Facebook and Twitter were fairly quick to realise the damage that spreading a post like this around could cause and were quick to remove it on the grounds that it was ‘harmful COVID misinformation’. Fair play and good on them for finally starting to censor Trump and his bullshit. Just wish it had happened sooner.

For more of the same, here’s that car crash interview with Trump from the other day. Really is one of the all time greats.


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