Shocking Facebook Live Stream Video Shows ‘Three Hour Gang Rape’ Of Woman In Sweden

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The dark side of social media.

Three men were arrested on suspicion of rape in Sweden this Sunday, following reports of a woman being gang raped on Facebook’s live stream.

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Horrified witnesses said that men armed with guns tore off the victim’s clothes before sexually assaulting her, all the while broadcasting it in a three hour long video. Police in Uppsala were contacted in the morning by 21-year-old Josefine Lundgren who said she had seen the footage. Allegedly several thousand members of a Facebook group had also witnessed the horrific incident online.

After police arrived at the scene, they found three men between the ages of 19 and 25, as well as the woman. The men were arrested on the spot.

Josefine said:


He pulled her clothes off and lay on top of her.

What’s sickening is that people were even commenting on the live stream. On user wrote:

Three against one hahaha.

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Even if the video had been a hoax, how could you joke about something like that? It’s absolutely sickening to think that incidents like this occur everyday.

Detectives are now examining the apartment where the attack took place, so hopefully they get to the bottom of it soon. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time live streaming has been used for sinister purposes. Just check this video out.


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