Insane Man Steals Police Car And Facebook Live Streams 40 Minute Police Chase


If you’re gonna do something like that you might as well let the world know.

The extent of my Facebook live usage pretty much involves me watching a concert of a band I can’t even remember the name of and one of my friends walking to the pub thinking he was really funny (he wasn’t), but if there was more content like the video below then I think I would definitely tune in more often from time to time.

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The video involves a man that can only be described as absolutely insane named John Pinney. He was walking past a police car when he was buying coffee in Tulsa and noticed that the police officer had left the keys in the ignition, so – like any normal person would – he decided to get in and take it for a spin whilst Facebook live streaming the whole thing. Obviously.

You can watch some highlights of the trip below, turns out Pinney had a good reason for his actions. Kinda:

Pinney’s a pretty good host huh? They should give him his own show where he steals police cars and has to evade the cops for an hour when he gets out of the slammer for this little prank.

Yes, the cops did eventually track him down but they were embarrassingly slow about the whole thing and Pinney managed to live stream the whole escapade for 40 minutes, only actually getting busted when he decided to stop at his parent’s house for a bit so they could catch up with him. Cops are so inept, but I suppose we should be thankful that they didn’t fill him full of lead too.

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