Facebook Knows Which Couples Are Going To Break Up

Facebook says they know the formula to determine which couples are going to break up. Find out what it is.

Excellent news for all men and women currently enslaved in a relationship — according to Facebook, if you and your partner have too many friends in common, you’re going to break up.

The theory is called ‘dispersion’ — couples with high dispersion have mutual friends who are well connected and couples with low dispersion have mutual friends who are not well connected. The idea is that people need personal space and doing everything together is only going to end in you hating each other faster.

Facebook’s theory suggests that healthy relationships are the ones where both partners have connections to many different groups, even if those friendships aren’t particularly strong.

So if you’re in a relationship and not happy, make sure you hang out with the same people as your boyfriend/girlfriend and make sure you make them like you more than him/her. Your relationship will be over in a few short months! Alternatively, just grow a pair and tell them. But yeah, this is easier.

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